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IP CCTV Installation for Guildford, Woking and Surrey

IP CCTV is here to stay and is rapidly replacing analogue and DVR based systems. Luckily we have been in the networking and PoE industry for years so we can take your CCTV solutions to the next level compared to a few dinosaurs in the CCTV business who are simply stuck in their ways. We do not offer DVR or analogue solutions because we prefer our installation to be reliable, feature packed, ONVIF compliant and completely future proof for you and low maintenance for both parties.

Our CCTV installation solutions are compatible with QNAP, Synology, Milestone, Axxon, NUUO and practically all good VMS systems. 

We offer fulll HD 1080p camera solutions at the most competive rates on the market. Our CCTV installation solutions are also packed full of additional features that analogue cameras simply can't offer such as a full blown Linux operating system and direct access via the home or internet.

Other services include:
  • CCTV Installation.
  • CCTV Camera installation.
  • Domain and sub-domain camera referencing instead of DynDNS domains and IP Addresses. An example of this feature is in the form of or
  • NVR installation and maintenance.
  • Off-site video backup - capture those criminals even if they steal your video device.
  • UPS - Keep recording in the event of a power cut.
  • Integration with sophisticated alarm systems.
 Surveillance CCTV IP Cameras

Several thoughts concerning the uses of IP CCTV for businesses and home owners

When a customer is looking for a complete security or monitoring of areas, they may want to consider using modern IP cameras and NVR based systems. While many still rely on the traditional methods of security systems such as analogue, they are slowly becoming less reliable and outdated. If your home is already being compromised, these new brands of technology can get help faster to the crime scene.

Most analogue CCTV systems have been around for awhile, but never fully utilized. The initials CCTV (closed circuit television) are still used for modern security systems however there is a lot of confusion between DVR and CCTV DVR. We strongly advise you not to buy anything named DVR as there is far too much ambiguity with the naming and shared acronyms of these systems, to remove all ambiguity and to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your IP camera's, we strongly advise you to research the new NVR systems instead. 

There are plenty of uses for CCTV, many companies use them within their properties to help with surveillance issues and local authorities use them for crime surveillance but there has been a growing surge in home CCTV due to the falling costs of hardware. An average quality IP CCTV camera was priced at no less than £400 a year ago but you can now buy ONVIF compliant IP camera's with IR, HD video, audio in and audio out for less than £150.

Furthermore, they have been known to be used inside of amusement park settings. They help to ensure that no individual is in harms way before the actual rides are started. Additionally, CCTV may also be attached to a person car to help the legal fight in the event of insurance claims or assist them to view any people or objects behind the vehicle before they reverse.

Many home owners have relied on the traditional security equipment to help them monitor their homes and businesses with. Nonetheless, many may not realize that these new IP CCTV cameras may be able to provide a better higher quality security monitoring service for them. The older models in which the constant flow of the transmitters uses the analogue method.

There are still plenty of existing CCTV installers and service providers who still use coaxial cable to carry the signal through. However, the newer digital IP CCTV equipment in which Guildford Computers and Networks installs to help with their CCTV solutions offers a higher quality when it comes to security. The safety features provided with these high quality security cameras, seem to be more affordable to the consumer than in the past. There has been a recent price crash of good IP camera's due to massive injection from Chinese importers. The big brands simply can't compete with the reliable yet affordable camea's on offer from China so this price war has incidenty caused even the big brand prices to plummet.

The customer will want to be certain that they take a few steps to ensure they have enough coverage within their homes or business. It is possible to be able to select different camera quantities, that can range from 2, all the way up to a 64 camera system. For that reason, the cleint who will be having this equipment installed should take their own properties into consideration.

Taking the time to set up a in home, or business inspection prior to making any purchases can help with issues once the work begins. Face to face consultation with a professional CCTV installer at Guildford computers and networks can prove to be beneficial. We can help to determine what specific types of security CCTV cameras would give the best coverage for your home, or business uses. Furthermore, when using our IP CCTV monitoring equipment we may also be able to assist in getting help faster to your home or business that may be under an illegal activity due to automated motion alarms that are built into the camera's and/or Video management software.

When the consumer is shopping for any types of new security systems, they should always try to have a handy check-list ahead of time. By preparing your questions and concerns prior to making any final purchases this can often help to eliminate any misunderstandings. The professionals at the Guildford Computers and Networks on-line store front do provide a very wide selection of CCTV installation solutions that may be able to accommodate a more up to date surveillance security system for the general public.

When a person or business is seeking up to date surveillance security, they might want to consider using IP CCTV for that purpose. However, the person will need to take the appropriate amount of time to perform their own advance research, to help them to make their own educated purchasing decision. Taking the time to consult with the Guildford computers and networks installers might also be worth a visit while shopping for the best professionals who carry many modern types of security equipment. Together with the internet research tools, and  perhaps visiting this website you might just be able to find the appropriate security camera equipment to suit your own specific needs.
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